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Lucy's Testimonial

When my little boy was coming up to 3 years old in 2006 we decided the time was right to have another baby. It had taken around 12 months for me to fall pregnant with him which now doesnít seem so bad at all. After 12 months and no pregnancy I was feeling down, particularly as a lot of friends were expecting number 2. I had noticed my periods were more like every 8 weeks than every 4 but other than that I thought everything was ok. For reassurance I visited my GP and was referred to the assisted conception team at Calderdale. I was immediately diagnosed with PCOS which came as a big shock as other than the irregular cycle I had no other symptoms. I was given 6 months of clomid to start straight away. Unfortunately though it reduced my cycle to 34 days it also made my womb lining very thin meaning conception was near impossible. After 4 months of clomid the hospital tried me with tamoxifen Ė this did the same job without as many side effects, it didnít work for me and the result was the same 34 day cycle, thin womb lining. I was by this point very upset, id expected an immediate pregnancy once I started with the clomid. The hospital experience was extremely stressful and I felt it made everything seem a lot worse, waiting for bad news all the time. When the tamoxifen didnít work I was given a less than 5% chance of conceiving without IVF.

I looked into Reflexology. I had been a case study for a friend at the start of my infertility journey and remembered how relaxed I felt. I was recommended somebody through a friend. That lady was Andrea and its safe to say she saved me and made me a better person. I first went to Andrea early in 2010. The moment I met her I instantly felt calmer, it felt like id known Andrea years and years and she is such a kind lady straight away I felt at ease with her. Just being in Andreas house made me instantly forget my worries, if only for the time I was there. I could tell Andrea how I felt and she never ever judged me even when I was feeling upset or bitter about the world. For every negative I had Andrea gave me positives back. I started to feel much more relaxed and looked forward to my appointments with Andrea, the infertility didnít ever go away I just felt better in other areas and felt a lot more calm than I had in a long time. I also noticed other things like my cycle became much more regular, I was still using metformin but think a lot of this was down to Reflexology Ė after every session I felt optimistic and tried to hang on to this in my down moments. In June 2010 I had my third miscarriage, I continued seeing Andrea who worked with me to reduce my metformin, after discussing with my GP as I was on a high dose. I was scared by this as I had relied on it for a long time, however I found my cycles continued to be regular and can only put this down to reflexology.

I stopped worrying about other things too like work and now have a very relaxed approach Ė I almost canít worry now which is such a change for me. By this point I had a 28 day cycle, something I had never had before, the maternity reflexology was doing itís job, my periods were at last regular with a complementary treatment instead or relying entirely on medication. Before I had chance I found out I was pregnant Ė I have never been so scared and nervous in all my life, 4 years after starting I was pregnant. I wanted to enjoy the pregnancy but it has been very scary and I have continued to see Andrea throughout my pregnancy and im sure if I hadnít id be a nervous wreck. I am sure I will also continue after ive had my baby. I am 28 weeks pregnant and canít ever thank Andrea enough as without reflexology and her patience, understanding and friendship I donít doubt I would still be trying to conceive. Andrea has helped me complete my family and made me a much better person with a very different outlook, I am forever grateful to her and would highly recommend anybody struggling with infertility primary or secondary, to visit.

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